Know about the Mahindra Treo e-rickshaw Specification & Features

Mahindra’s first low maintenance

Lithium-ion battery powered three wheeler

Mahindra introduces Treo, a revolutionary new range of electric three wheelers. Powered by the most advanced Lithium-ion technology, Mahindra Treo will change the world of three wheelers forever. Treo offers increased savings, superior ride quality and best-in-class comfort for drivers and passengers, along with zero emission technology, for a better tomorrow.

Get ready to ride the change with Mahindra Treo!

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Zero tail-pipe emission

Zero pollution and noiseless drive, making Treo environment friendly.

Global battery technology

Zero maintenance, lithium-ion battery for more than 5 years of life.

Cloud based mobility platform

Remote monitoring of range, speed, location and more for Next Generation Mobility* and efficient utilisation of fleet.

*Next Generation Mobility (NEMO) is an optional feature available only in Treo.

Quick charging

It is as simple as charging a mobile phone. Just 3 hours & 50 min for a 130 km** range for Treo & 2 hours & 30 min for an 85 km** range for Treo Yaari. A top up during lunch break can add over 32 km*** to the range.

Regenerative braking system

Kinetic energy generated on braking is fed back into the battery, thereby ensuring minimum wastage of energy.

Increased savings

Low running cost of 50 paise per km, with a potential of up to 20% increase in savings.*

Rust free and dent free body panels

The unique sheet-molded composite (SMC) panels used for the body is rust free, dent free and modular, ensuring easy replacement.

Better drive experience

Direct drive technology offers a clutch-less drive with most efficient usage of energy. The ride is noiseless, vibration-free and comfortable, with a 30.5 cm wheel size to ensure easy manoeuvrability on potholes.

Spacious interiors

Treo’s ergonomic design ensures ample leg space for everyone. The electric Auto also caters to luggage space for connectivity to bus stations and railway stations.

King size space

Large cabin space & leg room. Easy entry and egress for all age groups.

Space frame design

Treo’s unique space frame design ensures that the pressure on impact is distributed such that the passengers and vehicle are safe.

In-built strong crash guard

Treo also comes with a strong crash guard at the rear side of the vehicle, to protect passengers against rear impact in traffic.

Best-in-class safety

Treo comes with best-in-class torsional rigidity & bending stiffness. It has an IP 65 rated battery box to ensure that the battery is completely safe. In-built rear crash guard protects passengers in case of rear impact.

Best-in-class visibility for drivers

Larger windscreen area that ensures safety in bumper to bumper traffic.

New generation styling

Digital dashboard for a quick and precise view of the charge status and range. Optional hard top design, a first in the category for all year weather protection and added safety.

Cutting-edge modular design

Space-frame architecture along with corrosion free modular SMC panels for dent free body and easy repair or replacement.

Unique hard top design

Treo comes in a hard top variant which is a unique offering in the autorickshaw category.

* In comparison to new LPG 4-stroke auto (considering permit costs, etc.). Subject to FAME subsidies and other variable factors.

** Typical driving range

*** Calculated as per typical driving range


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